Landlocked Lighthouse

Everyone needs a lighthouse to guide them no matter on land or on water. We each find ourselves amid storms raging. Storms that cast our lives to and fro without direction. I find most lighthouses are landlocked within the heart of the hero who stands guard as you thrashed against the rocks. That person, that community, that family member, and that stranger can be a lighthouse. How will you know? You will not be able to stop seeking out their light.

A light that shines brighter with each rock passed no matter the outcome the light was there.

The reason why landlocked WV has a lighthouse

Usually lighthouses are reserved for helping boats navigate dangerous waters, avoid reefs or find entries to harbors. But, even without access to an ocean, West Virginia is home to one lighthouse.

The lighthouse stands 104 feet tall with a top elevation of 2,164 feet above sea level. The half-inch thick steel tower weighs 77,000 pounds, with a base diameter of 12 feet receding to eight feet at the top. Visitors who climb the 122 steps to the gallery deck are rewarded with a magnificent 360-degree view of Summersville Lake and the Gauley Ridge National Recreation Area.

But why?


The idea for the Summersville Lake Lighthouse came about in 2009 as the result of a joke and a happy coincidence. Summersville Lake Retreat owners Steve and Donna Keblesh were chatting with guest Rick Butler, who worked with a crew erecting wind towers at Beech Ridge Wind Farm in neighboring Greenbrier County. If he wanted to divert one of the tower sections to the retreat, the Kebleshes joked, they would keep it and disguise it as a lighthouse.

It just so happened that the wind farm had a turbine tower to spare, Butler told them. It had rolled off a truck and sustained some damage that rendered it unsuitable for wind production, but it could be repurposed for other uses. Buoyed by this stroke of luck, the Kebleshes made plans to purchase the wind turbine and arrange for its delivery.


The lighthouse project would become a community effort: Local wind farm contractors and engineers helped to deliver and erect the tower in October 2012. Instructors and students at Fayette Institute of Technology and Nicholas County Career & Technical Center pitched in to design and build the lighthouse’s lamp room and surrounding widow’s walk and the solid steel spiral staircase within. The crown piece — a vintage Westinghouse rotational beacon that casts a beam of light that can be seen from 30 miles away — was donated by Rader Airfield and restored by a local master electrician.

More than 2,000 people attended the official dedication and lighting ceremony on June 20, 2013 — West Virginia’s 150th birthday. The towering structure continues to draw large crowds every year for the Summersville Lake Lighthouse Festival and Car Show, held the fourth Saturday in August, and CarnEvil Haunted Hayrides every October.

If you go:

The lighthouse is open daily, April through October, and by reservation November through March. Tours are offered during the day and evening (weather permitting), with special sunset and full-moon tours. On the Fourth of July, you can even watch a spectacular fireworks display from the top.

Summersville Lake Retreat offers deluxe cabin lodging, RV and tent camping, and watercraft rentals including pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks and SUP boards. The resort also is pet friendly … just ask Otis McGee and Amos Monroe — the retreat’s resident Labrador retrievers!

Have you climbed to the top of the lighthouse?

Snythetic Collagen Helix?

1. Introduction –

The term collagen mimetic often conjures up two different ideas: Those that intend to capture the biological functions of collagen by mimicking the structural hierarchy of collagen building up from the triple helix, and those “inspired” by the properties of collagen and trying to mimic its nano-scale structure and function using non-biological polymers. Examples of the latter include the molecular scaffold made of electrospun polymers with a similar diameter and morphology as collagen fibrils, or nano-scale tubes self-assembled from non-peptide building blocks but decorated with certain amino acid residues on the surface mimicking the functions of collagen [1,2,3,4,5]. Applications of collagen mimetic peptides (CMPs) belong to the former. Peptides are developed to resemble collagens in their amino acid sequence, in their structure, and in their bioactivity. The principle of such an approach falls within the general premise of structural biology that at the foundation of the biological functions of a biomolecule is its molecular structure. –

The result was a hydrogel sharing many features with those created using natural collagens. Furthermore, because of the (GPO)4 units in the long helix, the KOD hydrogel was found to be able to activate platelet and clot whole blood plasma [69]. It is one of the CMP materials with a high potential for biomedical applications as a synthetic hemostat. By rearranging the modular units of K, O, and D in a CMP, it was found that the size of the core (the nucleation site) was a crucial design factor that determined if the self-assembly of the CMP would produce hydrogels or amorphous aggregates

Incorporation of Natural and Recombinant Collagen Proteins
within Fmoc-Based Self-Assembling Peptide Hydrogels

Tuneable Hybrid Hydrogels via Complementary Self-Assembly of a Bioactive Peptide with a Robust Polysaccharide

Fig. 3 TEM images of hybrid hydrogels synthesized at nominal HA/peptide weight ratios: (a) 80/20, (b) 60/40, (c) 40/60 and (d) 20/80, scale bar = 200 nm. (e and f) Cryo-SEM images of hybrid hydrogels synthesized at a nominal 40/60 HA/peptide weight ratio. Insets show high magnification images with scale bar of 1 μm (e) and 250 nm (f). The arrows indicate the presence of apatite nanoparticles.

Fig. 6 TEM images of Fmoc-FF hydrogels mineralized with the lowest calcium concentrations (2 mM).

God Made Me an Angel

A warrior Angel who will whip your ass-backward country if you do not protect what is yours just once for the children to who this freedom is owed. There is not just me. Remember God has many warrior Angels you will never know. But, know this….God loves you….but He loves His seed more from its beginning. God loves His most vulnerable first. So you may as well do the same to spare the pain of an angry angel. We are many.

Buy Suckers and Do it Today!

It is the children everywhere we look who is being harmed by intentions or just ignorance.

I do not ask you to run into a burning building. I do not ask you to jump from high rise to high rise like superman.

What I do ask is that each of you who consider yourself good, buy suckers. Why? Cause you owe the children in American suckers with a smile each and every time you see one.

First, let me give you rules to live by for Mothers like myself will whip your ass to give my child candy without my permission.

Rule number one.

You ask the parent first if the child can have a sucker.

If the parent says yes, then tell the child something special about them. Whether it be their smile, their clothes, or even their shoes. Edify them at that moment as you give them that sucker after getting the parent’s permission.

Job well done. You have just shown a child that the parent is the one who makes decisions on what and if they eat candy given to them by anyone. Then, you showed the child that life is kind and encouraging. You teach them to notice others as you noticed them.

I have my neighborhood watch already. Yep, neighbor kids knock at my door to get their suckers. Then, they knock to let me know a package has arrived on my porch. Then they smile.

There are maybe 7 of them together. Yep, it started last summer with popcycle. That is another story.

Yet, remember one more thing. No child ever should come into your home unless with a parent. This is not what we teach children. You never give any child any candy without that parent’s permission.

Just do this much and watch how they grow. I already have my neighbor hood watch. The oldest maybe is 9 years old. Yea hear me folks.

Merry Christmas

Brepols - Christ on the Cross

Enjoy the holiday this year as you remember the birth of our savior. Remember He died once already for you. God will not suffer another savior for any of you. You sacrificed your children.

Not one person who has been a victim of crimes against humanity should ever suffer a day past discovery. If you suffer these victims to capture their predators to prevent them from further hurt….realize you hurt them to help them. Is this how a country of the free saves its children?

You hurt them to help them then blame them for not being grateful. Blame them maybe for not being strong enough to endure you. No human being should ever cry, beg or fight for a lifetime to gain what most of you take for granted daily.

Perhaps it is time America suffer as all those who suffered before you. Maybe then you will hear the cries of those victims who never found humanity among you.

2018 we could have stopped this election in 2020….instead we are sacrificed for your ignorance….

Now its the children you sacrifice to protect what you have instead of who you are as a people and a country. All those this country sacrificed for themselves to gain will forever live in hell if freedom is ever found again for you were treasonous to ever think human rights do not matter. Not only do they matter they are to be protected for every human being…Nobody should ever be suffered for any person or cause. What does it say to anyone who suffers a human being when they know they could have just simply fucking helped them. Instead suffering them is the answer. Now it is your children who suffer. I am an adult 61….you as a country will never be blessed again by God. My Father for the last time has witnessed your evil as I have lived it since my beginning without aide. Without freedom. So shall you find the same?