My President Trump

If Mr. Trump is arrested I have a responsibility to bring forward all the victims of human trafficking across this country. They will not only stand up for President Trump, but they will also identify their predators, their traffickers.

There are more victims than citizens in this country. I am 61 years old. I will not stop screaming until I die for freedom. I will never stop fighting until I am free. I will not stop fighting until all the children in this country can live free.

You as a country are cowards to sacrifice your children. What you did was truly give away America and your freedom when you decided to allow the children of The United States of America to be groomed and trafficked. You made a mistake when you abused God’s seed.

My Father cries. My Father promises your destruction as a nation just because of His children.

I promise I will not stop my online attempt to stand each and every woman, child, and man and boy in this country up to a fighting mode if you dare put your hands on President Trump.

Death is the only way you will stop me. Come kill me if you can. My Father is my shield, my salvation. Come.

I sacrificed my life in my fight for freedom. I never found it. Nor will you if you lose it.