The War on Your Mind

When I think of mind control I think of my childhood without the influence of the internet. Was there a war on my mind? No.

I do consider the possibility the flintstone’s took control of my thoughts. How did I arrive at this conclusion. I arrived at this conclusion knowing as a young girl the moment I heard the name Flintstone’s I had to I Yabba-Dabba Do!

It is possible mind control existed. Perhaps we as children were subjected to manipulation tactics shaping our lives unknowingly.

I reflect back at events that could be termed mind control. The Smurfs are another example of mind control I can reflect back on. I can see Papa Smurf in my minds eye bouncing and singing. The moment I saw Papa Smurf I craved a blueberry pop tart. My mouth watered for that pop tart the moment I saw Papa’s white hat.

What will your children remember as adults? We as a society should hold our breath. The eye candy of mind control has our children twitching. I am unsure if we will ever recover them.

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