Technology’s Role in Modern Day Slavery.

Peter Thiel is backing a rival to Elon Musk’s brain implant company


Palantir co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel has invested in a company that’s putting computer chips into people’s heads in a bid to improve them in some way.

When I see money mogul’s throw down millions of dollars for this technology, I shiver. There is always a dark side to everything. Let’s think about the bright side for a minute.

Let’s talk about those who may benefit from a brain chip due to paralysis and other disabling disease. Do we say to them this is an evil attempt to be unnatural as a human? Or, do we say more power to you for trying to live the best life? They had a choice and they chose to allow technology to assist in their body’s functions. What happens if these brain chips are implanted without consent?

For instance, human trafficking victims are often microchipped. From reading some agree to a tattoo to declare they are owned. Other’s have chips embedded in their bodies without consent.

I wonder how many people have microchips embedded in their bodies? We will never know the number. We do know if you have a microchip embedded in your body you are not an asset, you are a commodity. You are disposable.

Will you accept the chip?

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