This is the world’s first human DNA vaccine against Covid-19

“Like other vaccines, a DNA vaccine, once administered, teaches the body’s immune system to fight the real virus. “ Why does my immune system need to be taught how to fight the real virus?

If I do not get a DNA vaccine does it mean my body’s immune system will figure out how to fight the real virus?

“The plasmids carry information to the cells to make the “spike protein”, which the virus uses to latch on and enter human cells.

Most Covid-19 vaccines work by giving the body instructions to make a fragment of the spike protein so it can trigger a person’s immune system to produce antibodies and teach itself to fight off the virus.”

Does this mean I will die without a DNA Vaccine? How will I know if the DNA vaccine was effective? When will I know?

I will never know. I refuse this and all vaccines until proven safe, effective and humane.

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