Astro the Home Robot

Amazon announces Astro the home robot. The technology and retail giant suggested that the $999.99 (£740) robot could be a help to the elderly. –

Amazon is thinking about the elderly. I think this is what my elderly friends need. Especially those who live alone without many friends and no family.

Astro will sit with you. Maybe hum or whatever robots do for humans. Astro will scan the environment to keep you safe. Astro will bring your drink of choice. What else can Astro do?

I envision one of my special friends just now sitting with Astro. I envision her throwing objects at Astro. I imagine she changed his name to something like, ” The little…..”

Perhaps after she completed her long thesis on The Little…… invasion of privacy. She will learn to love The Little…… constant changing expression. One that says, I love you, best way a robot can. If that does not charm my steel nerved friend maybe the sad eye’s that say, your being mean human, will touch her heart. The best way a robot can that is. The best way a robot can.

The Bicentennial Man comes to mind. Perhaps The Little….. will learn to love a human enough to want to be a human. Perhaps she will learn to call him friend.

Or, the elderly will reject this data collector. Will you invite Astro into your home? Will you call him friend?

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