Scientists use light to trigger killer instinct in mice

An intelligent person would wonder why it is necessary to go to extremes to control behavior? In reading the articles listed below, one could make this out to be harmless experiments that hurt only the mouse. Yet, I wonder what life is like for the mouse.

Let’s make this article a fairly tale read. Ok, we are mice. We are living our best mice life when suddenly an urge to kill takes over the desire to just be a normal rodent. Our behavior becomes bullish. We attack crickets, mosquitoes, and what the hell else is in our path.

Yet, we do not bite down enough to harm them. We play with them. We intimidate those dam crickets until they are pinned to the ground unable to move. The mosquitoes have folded their wings and bowed their heads. Nothing else dare mess with us.

One day we are laying around when suddenly bursts of light from nowhere shine in our eyes or flash on a computer page. We are activated.

If you were a mouse would you feel like a toy? Would you feel that your free will had been stolen from your mouse life?

No. You would not know these tests are being conducted. You were never told or asked for your permission. Remember you do not matter. You are a mouse.

5 thoughts on “Scientists use light to trigger killer instinct in mice

  1. You scratched a frightening surface here. I and others have seen aggression towards people revealing they would not get the shot by people who have gotten the shots. I found it puzzling.

    I meandered through a number of links which has brought me to the conclusion that they are doing every possible exploration as to how to completely control the human brain.

    Remember how they say “by 2030, you’ll own nothing and be happy?”

    You will.


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