Puppies without a Voice

Let us take a minute to remember the Buchanan Bill. The Buchanan Bill Ends Mandatory Animal Experiments at FDA. The scientist and experts are leaning into human testing to improve data accuracy.

Just saying if you think you may want to replace one of these beagles now would be the time to sign up. I imagine there will be those who will throw their lives down for the sake of science thinking they are saving their country. They are sacrificing their individual welfare for the whole of those around them. I am doing it for them. Those who are immune compromised. Those who are elderly. I will protect myself by protecting you first as I am part of the whole.

Hail who? Who the hell hail? Right. You are an individual. Never forget when they say do it for the others. You say I am doing it for me. Hail who? Who the hell hail?


3 thoughts on “Puppies without a Voice

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    The whole thing is ugly savagery and all I can think of is the ever ugly Fauci loving these atrocities as he is our modern day American Josef Mengele!


    I love all dogs and have rescued many over the years having had 5 at one point as they lived out their entire lifespans together. I know for a fact that anyone that can advocate this atrocity would easily do the same to people and innocent children they are psychopathic monsters and have no conscience or love for humanity or the animal kingdom! Devils!

    We are seeing as witnesses what I say playing out in real time as the world despots are pushing the globalist agenda with vaccine mandates! They see themselves as the 1% that deserves to be free and live good while all of the rest; that’s us are nothing!


      1. Still have something to offer on the monkey experimentation going on!

        So much evil in this country let alone world where do we start to fix it is like Russian roulette now! Scriptures do tell us how it will get so bad people will welcome death! I’m glad it’s not there yet as I see it; but it sure seems to be that “highway to hell” on earth we’re on for sure!

        Thank you and keep the faith!


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