Smallpox DNA Vaccine Protects Nonhuman Primates against Lethal Monkeypox

Monkeys vaccinated with the L1R DNA vaccine developed severe monkeypox and atypical lesions, but the animals recovered. This suggested that vaccination with L1R alone can confer some protection against monkeypox. The most important finding of this study was that monkeys vaccinated with the 4pox DNA vaccine were protected not only from lethal monkeypox but also from severe disease (Fig. ​(Fig.2b2b and Table ​Table1).1). This is the first demonstration that vaccination with a combination of VACV immunogens, rather than the whole infectious virus, is sufficient to protect nonhuman primates against any poxvirus disease. –

Microneedle arrays coated with charge reversal pH-sensitive copolymers improve antigen-presenting cells-homing DNA vaccine delivery and immune responses. –

Microneedle Arrays Combined with Nanomedicine Approaches for Transdermal Delivery of Therapeutics

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