Synthetic life forms can produce vaccines, gobble up CO2 and more, says expert

Scientists can now genetically engineer humans. A big new report asks whether we should.

Do they want us to become all the same biologically and genetically?

Scientists can now genetically engineer humans. A big new report asks whether we should.

I cringe when I realize that Synthia may be called God soon enough. A synthetic life form controlled by the genome it is inherited by science.

A self-replicating synthetic form of life.

Synthetic life forms can produce vaccines, gobble up CO2 and more, says expert

By Farhan Nuruzzaman

May 3, 2011

“What we have been doing for the last few decades is reading the genetic code. I call it digitizing biology. DNA is an analog molecule, and when we read the four letters of the genetic code and put back information into the computer, we are converting the four nucleotides to ones and zeroes on the computer,” said Venter. “Now the challenge has been to go the other way, and start from those ones and zeroes to get life back out of the computer.”

“The National Institutes of Health has funded my institute to create synthetic pieces of every known flu virus, so anytime we need a new vaccine, we can just take these pieces off the shelf, and go through the assembly and have flu vaccine stocks in a very short time,” he said. “In the next year or two, you might get the first synthetic DNA vaccines.”

“Synthetic biology is likely to be the No. 1 wealth generator for the next century,” Venter added, citing a study from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Artificial Cells and Tissues by Chemistry

A New Era In Science: “Synthia” The First Synthetic Life Is Created

Once it was fixed, the synthetic DNA and its cytoplasm, having been tagged to distinguish it from the DNA of the natural Mycoplasma, started to produce its own proteins.  Those proteins showed no relationship to their synthetic, genetic ‘parent,’ but instead looked and behaved exactly like the natural Mycoplasma.

Synthetic DNA may cause ethical concerns for some, but Synthia, as she (?) is fondly called by her creators, is getting plenty of praise from companies ready to join the new field of synthetic biology, a combination of chemistry, computer science, molecular biology, genetics and cell biology, to breed industrial life forms that can secrete fuels, vaccines or other saleable products.” (WSJ)

Daisy, meet Synthia.

First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell –

8 thoughts on “Synthetic life forms can produce vaccines, gobble up CO2 and more, says expert

  1. First of all—let me say I DO NOT READ VOX!!! They are misinformation personified. And this ‘synthia’ thing? Looks like they are normalizing the marriage of high tech and us.

    These are mechanical nanobots reconstructing REAL human biology. I really didn’t understand it until I saw synthetic biology on an acquaintance’s CV.

    “Genome structure, function and evolution; evolution of protein function; evolution of genetic information-processing
    systems; theory and applications of biological sequence comparison; data and knowledge representation for genomics;
    unsupervised machine learning in very large datasets; biologically-inspired hardware & software engineering;

    synthetic biology;

    exobiology; science communication.”

    This research excerpt belongs to a person I consider to be one of the most intelligent people on the planet. You [pretty much] need more than a few college degrees to understand it. Unfortunately—I understand it well.

    I was in touch with this person for a few years up until a few days ago. He is the person who facilitated my banning from LinkedIn. His research is remarkable and terrifying. His writings are extraordinary for sure. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in intellectual sword-play with him.

    He is more than adept in Machine Language comprised of 1 + 0s. He is in my computer often from what I can tell. Someone messes with the programs as I am using them and I suspect it could be him. The damned ‘search boxes’ get disabled. I find workarounds and do my thing—go back later and they work fine with no reboots of my computer or any program.

    They are turning us into machines.

    Below a paper on the information I was slipped.

    They Started Genetic Engineering Decades Ago. This is Proof
    Look at the date this paper was done. A general method for facilitating heterodimeric pairing between two proteins: Application to expression of a and fi T-cell receptor extracellular segments August 1, 1994 . And look closely at who and what institutions at which they work: Laboratory of Immunobiology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Departments of Medicine and…

    And here is an article on synthetic biology…

    The Aluminum Thing “Living?” in the COVID shot
    Everything I know tells me quite loudly that this is some sort of interaction but it is not biological. But being 70 and all and old-school… I have been saying the COVID shots [as they are called] are about building some sort of neural lattice network in certain neural areas in everybody’s brains to make them sensitive to behavioral-controlling light pulses spit out by our digital devices.


    1. I agree. Yes they are changing us to all be alike biologically. I do not understand synthia. I only conclude from what I know that you kill synthia or synthia kills you. It is self replicating. I do wonder what comes next? This is an evil like another other we have known. That is again what we have ever known. What do we not know? They are creating a machine inside humans to be like the movie 1984…or worse….my gosh hell must seem less hot right.

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      1. I saw this movie clip called Vexille. It pretty much lays out our dystopian future.

        Vexille Predictive Programming 2007

        Predictive programming in 2007 movie. MRNA injection.

        The disease was complete government fabrication, and the supposed vaccine they were injecting into everyone in reality it was a cyber virus developed by Daiwa. The virus has a mutated effect on the cells of the body. It alters the molecular structure and converts them into biometal, essentially turning us into machines from the inside out.

        There is no way to stop it, and to make things worse the cyber virus was still early in its experimental phase.

        Child asks: What do you mean?

        Male responds: Daiwa didn’t even know if it would work. It had never been tested on a large scale so they turned Japan into their own private laboratory.

        Vexillle: When it does work, the virus gradually progresses through the body until it reaches the brain. At that point we become perfect androids under Daiwa’s control.


      2. I will watch this movie. Synthia in my opinion is the beast that is injected and replicates until it out replicates our cells. We become synthia. We become all alike. We become programmable. Yet not as one may think Joyce. These people can not change your will by injecting this shit in your veins until it grows to replace you. What synthia will do in my opinion is cause pain which will break your will into submission. Pain is how they will get obedience. We will become trained by pain.


      3. If you keep repeating ‘synthia’ instead of ‘synthetic biology,’ you are normalizing something they want you to normalize. It’s simple psychology which I have degreed in and done for my entire life.

        It’s their strategy to normalize these things through you.


      4. Synthia is what it is Joyce. It is synthetic biology but that just means they can add or take away from synthia to program whatever they desire in her biology created by man. I can call it synthetic biology but its real name and the core of it is synthia….the biology can be whatever the hell they want it to be….Let s just call her…….well….lets just call her……laughing…I hope you had a great weekend.

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      5. NO it isn’t synthia. That’s what they are getting you to call it. Just like they call vaccine-induced brain damage autism–which it’s not. Their minute nuances are deceptive and you have fallen for that one.


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