What type of vaccine is ACAM2000?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has licensed ACAM2000®external icon, (Smallpox [Vaccinia] Vaccine, Live), IT IS a replication-competent vaccine, for active immunization against smallpox disease in persons determined to be at high risk for smallpox infection. The vaccine does not contain variola virus and cannot cause smallpox. It contains vaccinia virus, which belongs to the poxvirus family, genus Orthopoxvirus. The vaccinia virus may cause rash, fever, and head and body aches. In certain groups of people, particularly those who are immunocompromised, complications from the vaccinia virus can be severe.

Replication-competent smallpox vaccine consists of a live, infectious vaccinia virus that can be transmitted from the vaccine recipient to unvaccinated persons who have close contact with the inoculation site, or with exudate from the site. The risk of side effects in household contacts is the same as those for the vaccine recipient. Therefore, the vaccination site requires special care to prevent the virus from spreading.

ACAM2000® is administered as a single dose by the percutaneous route using the multiple puncture technique.

The 2015 ACIP recommendations advise routine vaccination of laboratory personnel who directly handle cultures of, or animals infected with:

  • Replication-competent vaccinia virus
  • Recombinant vaccinia viruses derived from replication-competent vaccinia strains (i.e., those that are capable of causing clinical infection and producing infectious virus in humans), or
  • Other orthopoxviruses that can infect humans (e.g., monkeypox, cowpox, and variola)

Routine vaccination is not recommended for, but should be offered to:

  • Healthcare personnel (e.g., physicians, nurses) who currently treat or anticipate treating patients with vaccinia virus infections
  • Anyone administering ACAM2000®

In the event of a smallpox emergency, ACAM2000® would be made available to persons exposed to smallpox virus or who are at high risk of smallpox infection, depending on the circumstances of the event.


Treason or Jihad?

Simply and clearly it is treason. Any entity on American soil that vows harm or destruction has embedded as her enemy, not ally. An enemy of the United States of America has been declared this day.


It is God, country, and family. If you do not worship God and do not love America. Who then are you? Why are you here?


“I Make An Oath To Be Your Martyr, [Supreme Leader] Ali [Khamenei]”

“I make an oath, one day when you need me. I make an oath, to be your martyr, Ali.

Shi’ite Children In Houston, Texas Pledge To Be The Soldiers Of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: Salute, Commander! We Make An Oath To Be Your Martyrs! https://www.memri.org/reports/shiite-children-houston-texas-pledge-be-soldiers-iranian-supreme-leader-ali-khamenei-salute

Will We Become as Moth’s?

At times I envision Rod Serling stepping out of a shadow wearing a cowboy hat. Stepping out of the shadow of weirdness to a reality of bizarre. But is it true? Is it true genes from moths have been included in the new experiments involving humans? Can we call it synthetic evolution? Will we become Mothmen? Maybe that was a true thing? No matter what readers. If you find yourselves attracted to the light……

The Faith of the Mountain — Intellectual Shaman

If you need people to believe in you, forget about it. Their lack of faith says more about who they are, than you. During your strongest days, they will doubt you. This is true for leaders, gods, athletes, and artists. The crowd wants to believe, but they scream for a sign— they are never satisfied […]

The Faith of the Mountain — Intellectual Shaman

Who is Eating Whom?

Will history repeat? Will famine plague the world? Will America be hungry? Will you eat brain if you must eat people? What part of the body would you eat first? When a country does not fight for its freedom in each step it takes. Famine, crime, human trafficking, and those atrocities will be yours to own. What will America do then? What has America done now? Who will eat Whom first?

In desperate times, people have also fallen back on cannibalism to survive. For instance, there are reports of cannibalism during the North Korean famine in 2013, the siege of Leningrad in the early 1940s, and China’s “Great Leap Forward” in the late 1950s and 1960s.