Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds

This is where we begin our journey down the yellow brick road. Gates warns nations about the possible release of smallpox contagions.

I shivered just a moment imagining the reality of it becoming a pandemic.

Then, I remembered Horsepox. Good ole Horsepox was recreated to reduce the effects of smallpox. Horsepox virus recreated in the push for better smallpox vaccine. –

Then I continue pounding those yellow bricks down the road and remember cowpox. –

Even farther along, I skip past the poppy field of flowers along the yellow bricks. And, I remember monkeypox. –

Will this become a new reality?

Well preserved 2,000-year-old brain cells found in Vesuvius victim

Brain cells have been found in the exceptionally preserved form in the remains of a young man killed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago, an Italian study has revealed. –

The boys 2,000 year old brain cells may give scientists a glimpse of our original DNA. The original DNA in the sense untainted by GMO foods, medication, pesticides, and pollution.

What will man brain cells look like 2,000 from now? Will we be biosphere computers equipped with our own DNA battery and wifi? Will we still exist at all?

Experiment To Edit DNA In Human Sperm Using CRISPR

This is the question of the day. The question of the day is if you are a male. A sperm donating male. A sperm donating male that now if they choose have their genes altered. Do you tell your female or even male companions that your sperm has been altered?

I can only wonder if gene-altered sperm can have an effect on a body no matter of conception. Will the gene-altered sperm shed leaving fragments of DNA? If yes, how will your body absorb the synthetic gene code?

Will you have your sperm gene-altered? If yes, and if it were possible. How would you describe your children genetically? Describe how you would tell the gene doctor to build your sperm to produce the child of your dreams. How would they look? Isn’t this how we would first choose?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder until you can choose your future children genetically. How would they look? What is the perfect child?

In the end, it is where we begin a biological future.

Living Experiments

“Living Experiments?” Has man become the common lab rat? I understand the need for science. I just do not understand the science they need.

Do you remember the holocaust and the Medical Murder? What about the Nuremberg Trials?

I could make a video a mile long with past, current, and possibly future medical experiments including man.

If I let my mind wander I would wonder how many deceased ventilator patients became medical experiments? Our minds do not want to flash on the reality at hand. Yet, at hand it is.

How do we protect ourselves when we can not speak? How do we ensure we will die peacefully without our bodies being applied to science?

How will you?—nazi-doctors-human-experimentation-and-typhus

Raises Questions.

This is a nice way of saying “Human Experimentation.” I will never consent my body as a donor to medical science. Do we know the suffering of the brain dead? The article says, “No.”

Do we know the suffering of the babies whose organs are taken from them while they are alive? How does a baby suffer never before suffering? Does it need definition to feel pain? I say not. The child is born with a nervous system. The organs are viable or they would not extract them.

Do we continue human experimentation based on ignorance of not knowing the unknowable?

Do we know the suffering of the brain dead? The article says, “No.”

Could this happen to you? Can you imagine your reality almost dead being tortured by the living?

Do we know the suffering of the brain dead?

The article says, “No.”

The Incredible Edible?

The incredible edible? A GMO BLT? A genetically altered pork roast? No stop! Stop thinking food and think medicinal pork? “The grow an organ,” cut of pork optional for internal or external delight.

Do you wonder sometimes as you chew your food what in fact it is that you are eating? Does it matter if it tastes good? What about how it looks. Is this the beginning of lab meat? Is this how it all started way back when they decided to grow an organ? Did the scientist conclude that growing a pork chop was healthier than the real Mc Coy?

Did they decide it is best to use pigs as human organ donors as opposed to meat? What do you decide is best for you? Do you know?

From Pig To Human

What can I say? I can say I hope to never know what it feels like to be a person in need of an organ. If you had to choose between a donated lab-grown or animal-grown organ or death. How would you choose?

How would you know the organ would not work? Or, that you would genetically alter your offspring. Maybe life would continue as normal with an implanted pig kidney or organ. Maybe it can work.

How would you choose? Would it matter if your life was to end that you accepted a pig organ to live? Would you care?

You would live. How would you choose?

Puppies without a Voice

Let us take a minute to remember the Buchanan Bill. The Buchanan Bill Ends Mandatory Animal Experiments at FDA. The scientist and experts are leaning into human testing to improve data accuracy.

Just saying if you think you may want to replace one of these beagles now would be the time to sign up. I imagine there will be those who will throw their lives down for the sake of science thinking they are saving their country. They are sacrificing their individual welfare for the whole of those around them. I am doing it for them. Those who are immune compromised. Those who are elderly. I will protect myself by protecting you first as I am part of the whole.

Hail who? Who the hell hail? Right. You are an individual. Never forget when they say do it for the others. You say I am doing it for me. Hail who? Who the hell hail?